Thursday, December 31, 2009


Time for a quick post before the end of 2009.

I guess, overall, this was a better year than 2008, though I didn't love 2009 either. I didn't fail any exams, but I certainly came close and was constantly stressed about it. I had too many things on the go, with studying, work, and the yearbook - I feel like I'm only now getting back on track. I remained single, I put on weight, I hardly did anything photography-wise, and yet again I didn't pick up my violin. And I remain in debt, living week to week. Hmmmmm, not such a great year after all.

Tying up some loose ends:
  • I really enjoyed my O&G rotation - enough to briefly consider it as a career. However, I wasn't so keen after talking to the registrars. The training program and the specialty itself have a massive impact on your life, and that's a big turn-off for me. I enjoyed the gynae part the most - it's essentially a surgical sub-specialty. Obstetrics was also better than I expected. I assisted with several deliveries, and nearly got the chance to deliver a baby myself (rare for med students at my uni - unfortunately the labour didn't progress before the end of my night shift). I made it through the exams, though again tried very hard to fail (especially the OSCE).

  • The yearbook is now onsale, and I've had some great feedback on it. I'm really happy with it, but disappointed about some printing errors. Most people won't notice, but after I gave up so much of my free time to get it right, I was devastated to see the errors.

  • At the beginning of December, I returned to South Australia for my final John Flynn placement. I was even less motivated than last year! It went fairly quickly though, and I took the opportunity to catch up on lots of TV shows and DVDs in the evenings. Medically I got to do the usual suturing and vaccinations, etc., and this time I also dealt with several mental health patients, which was rewarding. The best part was going to McLaren Vale, Hahndorf, and the Barossa Valley with a friend from Sydney after the placement was over. We tasted some beautiful wine (Torbreck was my favourite), cheese, and chocolate.

So now it's New Year's Eve, and for the first time, I'm spending it alone. Several of my close friends are away on holidays, and although I could've made the effort to find a party somewhere, I eventually decided to park myself at my friend's place (I'm housesitting), and have a BBQ by myself. I'm looking forward to it! I'm going to have a bath, and some wine and cheese, and a special icecream dessert that I purchased from Glacé this afternoon. At midnight I'll have some champers, and then have a lovely long sleep without being woken by my housemate, his dog, or my neighbour's dogs. Bliss!

Happy New Year! And thanks for reading.