Sunday, July 26, 2009


In case you don't already know via other social networking sources, I got my 7th preference (out of 14) for internship. It's Wollongong.

  • I have lots of relos down that way
  • It's near the beach
  • I went to Wollongong Uni for four years (in the mid-90s), so I'm familiar with the area
  • It's not too far from friends and family in The Shire.
  • It's too far from friends and inner-city lifestyle in the inner west
  • It's not in Sydney
  • I have to move house, and a considerable distance.
I've been whinging about it, but the pros outweigh the cons - I need to just shut up and get over it. I tried to swap, but no-one wants to swap into Wollongong - only out of there! So today I bit the bullet and accepted the place.

It seems like people either got their first choice or their 7th/8th/9th choice. I've heard of a few in-between, but they're the minority. So much for IMET telling us that everyone gets within their top 4 or 5! On average, maybe.

In other news, I've just finished my week of holidays. I had grand plans for the holidays - especially working on my photography. Unfortunately I got the (most likely, swine) flu last weekend, so that ruined it. I had no energy and was very unwell, especially earlier in the week. I seem to have come good now, but my throat's still not 100%.

So it's back to uni tomorrow, and I feel like I've hardly had a break at all. I'm doing Paediatrics, and I really wish I had more energy before starting this block.

Also, I recently agreed to take on the role of Yearbook Editor for our class. This may prove to be a very unwise move - I always over-commit and end up stressed out. Although it certainly is a good role for me - project management, editing, proofreading. It'll really test my powers of delegation! (And I'm very happy to have Liz helping me out...)



Dragonfly said...

Hope the job and the place surprises you with its awesomeness. And that your throat gets better well before June 2010 :-)

Terra said...

Sorry to hear you aren't happy with your offer... I hope it proves to be a great place to work!

*C said...

Well a kind of congratulations. If nothing else, congratulations at reaching this milestone! The end is nigh!

And like Dragonfly said, I hope the Gong surprises you. x

chinaski said...

If it's any consolation, it could have been a whole lot worse. A WHOLE lot worse (I'm not talking about geography here). ;)

KT said...

Yes Chinaski, I thought that was probably the case! ;)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aww what a shame you didn't get your first choice but the pros are pretty good :) Sorry to hear about the (swine) flu! :(

Linda said...

It sounds like a bitter sweet moment. Sorry to hear you didn't get your first choice, hopefully once you get there, the patients and the doctors you're working with will make it all worth while.

Anonymous said...

It really is a shame that you didn't get one of your first few preferences, but hopefully life in the gong won't be too bad. Best of luck with it! :)

the Provident Woman said...

Sorry you got sick. Yuck! No one likes to be sick. But at least you got one of your choices. Right?