Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prague, Czech Republic

So many people had told me how wonderful Prague is, so it could never live up to expectations. I had fun there, but after Budapest it was a little bit disappointing. It was also packed with tourists, which I hadn't encountered yet. And of course I was getting tired of travelling alone...

Clock tower in Old Town Square (Staroměstské nám)

Astronomical clock in "action" (the skeleton's ringing the bell)

Old Town Square, viewed from the clock tower

Jan Hus monument and Týn Church

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Walking off Charles Bridge into Malá Strana

David Černý's 'Piss' sculpture outside the Kafka Museum

St Nicholas Cathedral in Malá Strana

Interior, St Nicholas Cathedral

Memorial to the victims of Communism

View from the Old Royal Palace towards Charles Bridge

View from Prague Castle

St Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle

Interior, St Vitus Cathedral

Visiting Prague and especially Prague Castle reminded me of my favourite INXS clip:

I did a day trip to Kutná Hora. (I really wanted to visit Český Krumlov, but it wasn't open for the summer season yet.)

Sedlec Ossuary, Kutná Hora

Sedlec Ossuary, Kutná Hora

Sedlec Ossuary, Kutná Hora

Sedlec Ossuary, Kutná Hora

Marian Column, Kutná Hora

St Barbara's Cathedral, Kutná Hora

Ceiling, St Barbara's Cathedral

Next: Ljubljana, Slovenia...

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