Saturday, September 17, 2011

Internship: Term 5 – General Medicine (Geriatrics)

My fifth term was at a peripheral hospital doing General Medicine (Geriatrics).

I'd already spent 3 weeks doing the same placement during my Relief/Nights term, so I knew what to expect - boredom, long multidisciplinary team meetings, and lots of paperwork. And that's what I got! It was a chilled-out term; just what I needed to finish off internship. I found myself missing the pace of my surgical term, though! Crazy.

I had 4 weeks off at the end of the term - the last 2 weeks of this term and the first 2 weeks of my next term (Emergency). It was great to finally have a break, though I hadn't saved up to travel anywhere. I spent a lot of time training for a half marathon (I ran it in July), catching up with friends and family, seeing movies, cooking, and relaxing.

As I mentioned, term 1 of residency was Emergency. More on that shortly (I promise!).

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