Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm supposed to be working on an assignment today, but instead I'm procrastinating. Just for something different.

I just found this wonderful shopping site, Madeit: " online community where you can buy, sell and talk independent. Buy unique independent goods or sell your own."

It's like the Australian version of Etsy, which I also love. I bought my sister's Christmas present from this store last year.

I can see some major procrastination in my future...


e said...

Did you have to present CDT or PPD this week?

I did CDT--yeah prison health! :)

I was actually crying while working on it because i would have rather been doing anything else. :(

KT said...

I did CDT, but we must be a couple of weeks behind you guys - I did "The hospital system". Very dull, but it went OK (I just finished it a couple of mins ago). I didn't make a huge effort because it was formative - the summative one will be much better!